1. How to order?

select the catalog which u need to buy add to cart, and process order the shipping charge will show as per weight and location

Once the process of the order is placed, the client needs to make the payment and once the payment is cleared, the goods shall be dispatched on a priority basis.

Can I buy single pieces from www.wholesalemarket.com ?

We mostly deal in wholesale. We supply full catalogs on wholesale rates to other businesses, so we don't offer single pieces purchase. However, we offer you to shop single pieces on few items only in  under Single sale category those also u need to buy minimum 6 pcs from those to get the whole sale price and only for reseller can buy from this category. Othe wise visit iur retail store www.veneesa.com  for single pc

2. How much time for delivery of goods?

Firstly, it depends on the availability of the products with WMM, once the order is approved by WMM, it will take 2 working days for delivery however the transit delivery varies from location to location, with the help of a tracking number, the parcel goods can be tracked well.

3. If the client is not satisfied with products?

We deal with branded products only , the quality of these original products are completely genuine, even after that if the product can be returned , you need to inform us regarding this within 3 days once you received it and the return need to be done in within 7 days time. You need to immediately send the package if not satisfied.

Please note: In the meanwhile, you can select any other product from our web site for the same price or any difference in the amount will be adjusted. If there is any delay in informing or sending us the parcel, we shall not be responsible to return the goods.

4. If the product is damaged?

WMM will take the responsibility for the returned product as mentioned above if the process of informing us happens within 3 days time and the return us the product within 7 days time. The goods shall be exchanged or the money shall be returned accordingly advised.

5. if product is not received on time?

In normal circumstances, the processing happens in 2-3 working days, and depending on the location, it may take 3-7 days to reach your location. However, if there in any delay in processing time with the reason of unavailability of goods etc, WMM team shall inform you in advance on a priority basis.

6. If I need to cancel my order after payment?

Once the ordered and payment is done those orders cannot be can cancelled, the customer can only select other products for the same value or if chosen a high priced products, the client needs to pay the difference amount  and then the order shall be processed accordingly.

7. If the item is not sold?

WMM will not take any responsibility on this as it your part to sell the product

8. If the product color fades away or gets damaged after stitching or washing?

WMM will not be responsible for the above and please note most of the designer suits are fancy material and are suggested to do only dry wash.

9. Can select pcs from different catalogs

Sorry  the full catalog collections u have to buy full catalog only  selected pcs only under single sale category ,  those also only for reselling porpose and minimum 6 pcs u have to buy to get those whole sale prices